Therapist Medium

“Postmodern Shaman”

The Shamanic component is the essence of Clinical Parapsychology because, without an adequate invocation, there is no communication between the mediator/medium and the Superior Entities determined to produce the cure.

The patient must take responsibility for helping himself by the association with a process that is genuinely his. The mark of the therapist, “medium” is of mediator – the channel of communication between worlds. The medium of healing will just accept the designs of the spirit to “decode” and “transform” “information.”

The extraordinary revelation that this fulfillment would become distinctive in my “future” occurred on April 15, 1974. When I heard it, I was speechless, but pleasantly surprised. However, it did not happen with a snap of fingers. I needed 23 years of investment in my own personal development, realignment of academic training and “exclusive professional practice”. When I was teaching, there was an opportunity “fallen from the sky”. I began to learn not to believe in chance, but to realize that, in everything, there is a hidden meaning. Opportunity teaches us to intuit. Thus, I accepted the opportunity to enroll in a Master’s Degree in Applied Creativity, at the University of Santiago de Compostela. After completing my Master’s degree, I took advantage of this knowledge to dedicate myself to the study of Superior Creativity, questions of Consciousness and Spirituality.

Today, I perceive it well, everything is superiorly organized…..

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Transpersonal Therapy and Parapsychology introduce the spiritual dimension of human nature and the intervention of consciousness into the root causes of emotional dysfunction/disease occurrence in psychotherapeutic methodologies.

Vibrational Clinic

The human body is not a set of “parts” that can be repaired, replaced, excised. The physical body is the element of Being that is sustained by energetic/vibrational frequencies which, when in balance with these energies, mirrors a pattern of health, that is, of conformity between Consciousness/Spirit, Mind and Physique.
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Clinical Parapsychology

The term “Parapsychology” has been used since 1889 for the purpose of raising the investigation of the extraordinary and anomalous phenomena of Consciousness to the category of scientific knowledge … without spiritist and occult connotations. The clinical “branch” has a specific objective the cure, according to a process whose starting point is the interpretation of the human experience from the interactions of the physical with the emotional and the spiritual.
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Transpersonal Creative Therapy

Transpersonal Therapy facilitates the free and responsible participation of the individual in a process of elevation of consciousness and regeneration / healing that is exclusively his. The methodology inspires elevation of consciousness and the appropriate solution to a lived conflict, whether in the form of illness to be cured, or through the choices we make in Life.
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Many of our memories are “ Myths ”, persuasions, ancestral remembrances, consequences of the scientific interest and the spirit of each epoch.


A new universal cycle, “new age”, is inspiring a new and creative thought, the means that a new knowledge begins to rise on the ashes of historical, scientific and religious “truths”, considered as irrefutable. It means that a new knowledge begins to rise on the ashes of historical, scientific and religious “truths”, considered as irrefutable. The change you see is so complex that for some it may even seem like a work of the devil, but … “the times change …” … the signs are there, tracing new realities. It is, as Carl Sagan said:



Materialist – The individual is perceived as matter … Consciousness is a phenomenon and the Mind is an epiphenomenon (a phenomenon added to the existing that has no influence on the first) of the Consciousness produced by the brain. Spiritualist – Man is a manifestation of the Spirit/God.
Holistic – Being is an inseparable part of the Whole/Unity of the physical, mind and Spirit.

In Metaphysics and Theology there are 3 differentiated concepts:
Children’s version, popular and/or mythological – God anthropomorphic (Being, Idealized in our image and likeness.); Being Intimate, Divine, Supernatural – Consequence of all mystical and spiritual traditions; Principle of existence – Unity of All that exists.

Scientific Orthodox – Only accepts what reason and the 5 senses apprehend, thus rejecting the hidden nature of reality; Absolute/Spiritualist Level – Considers that only intuition can lead to the knowledge of the ultimate nature of the real, the Divine and Spiritual order.




The persistent cure of diseases such as Migraine, Nervous Depression, Fears and Phobias, Nerve Tics, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sclerosis, Hyperactivity and Dyslexia, Sleep Disorder Cycle Disorder, Epilepsy, Night Enuresis, Sciatic Nerve Compression, Herniated Disc, Hiatus hernia, abdominal wall hernia, Psoriasis, bronchitic Asthma, Asthma, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Obstipation, Chron Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, Hip Osteoporosis,among others, holistic/transpersonal fundamentals, I mean, with ability to act on the individual/Being multidimensional, consubstantiated in Spirit, mind and physical body, that is, on the different existential planes of Being, namely, those who transpose the observable world and endures in the spiritual and eternal reality of life.


Recurrent Nervous Depression

– Woman, 55 years old – Physical and emotional sequelae of serious road accident, 6 years before: recovered with 5 sessions distributed for 3 months…

Sciatic Nerve Compression, Breast Cysts, Nervous Depression

– Woman, 68 years old – under medical supervision; cure verified with 8 sessions spread over 13 months…

Erectile Dysfunction

– Man, 49 years old – Psychotherapy and endocrinology did not give desirable results; 4 sessions distributed for 3 months, led to remission levels not reached until then…

Ligament Rupture

– Man, 58 years old – “has been having difficulty sleeping for 2 years, can not lie on the left side despite medication and painful infiltrations”; 4 sessions distributed for 2 months lead to remission of pathology … ” 

Lung Neoplasm

– Woman, 64 years old – Appeared in the consultation at the first symptoms of the disease, without conclusive medical diagnosis; regeneration achieved with 11 sessions spread over 12 months…

Asperger's Syndrome

– Boy, 3 years old – after the first session reveals calmness and begins to establish regular communication with the outside world; healing achieved with 7 sessions distributed for 6 months; remains stable after one year…

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“Vibrational and Transpersonal Therapy - fundamentals and practices”

–advanced level training -

Holistic Approach to Being and Integrated Vibrational Therapy. Meeting of scientific knowledge, spiritual wisdom and ancestral healing arts. Explanation of issues inherent in the “mystery” of Life, Consciousness and Spirituality. Transformation experiments with techniques of relaxation and creative visualization. Identification of the energetic block, the intuitive diagnosis and the latent causes of a pathology.

Data: OCTOBER 2018

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A starting point for spiritual development, questioning of convictions, evaluation and trend frameworks, concretization of postponed ruptures.
A meeting to promote creative renewal of our ways of thinking, being and living together.